Bart van der Lee
Delegation 2015-2016


Participating as a Delegate in the United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy track is a professional, extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience – and every of the fellow Delegate stories will attest to this. If you’re keen on developing a broad set of skills, have an international mindset and are looking to work with a multidisciplinary group of unique individuals from universities across the Netherlands, then this is for you.

But, then again, if you’re studying medicine, engineering or something seemingly unrelated to the United Nations or diplomacy – then why spend such an effort into understanding the workings of the United Nations and international relations in general?

Good question.

In the end, I believe the answer should be simple and related to your intrinsic motivators. When considering the pursuit of happiness, roughly three important pillars have been distilled through empirical research. Achieving mastery, feeling belonging and maintaining autonomy. The Delegation experience can assist you both in the first and second, but even stronger as a student from a seemingly unrelated study – you will work on gaining your autonomy. It’s the freedom to make your own decisions, develop yourself and create a diverse skillset which will give you the ability to leave a memorable mark in your specific field. Public speaking, negotiation and rapidly analyzing complex situations – it’s all part of the experience within the Delegation. Additionally, within our increasingly interrelated world, most likely your day-to-day challenges will be overcome by using multidisciplinary perspectives in some way or another. What better to thoroughly understand to how people from different backgrounds in the Delegation, including yourself, think and get things done!

In short, this is what I believe makes people more effective communicators and personal leaders in their own sense. Do you find yourself thrilled by the thought of participating?  Then don’t hesitate to apply for the Delegation of United Netherlands. No matter your study orientation, it will make your student experience so much richer – so just take the leap.