About United Netherlands

Mission Statement

United Netherlands is an internationally oriented, student-led organization, that focuses on the world of international relations and diplomacy. We aim to create a platform where talented, ambitious and motivated young people challenge each other to develop their full potential as global citizens. Within this network of driven young people from diverse backgrounds, gaining skills and knowledge is key in preparation for global challenges to come.

Mission Statement

United Netherlands aims to create a platform where talented, ambitious and motivated young people challenge each other to develop their own perspective on social responsibility and reach their full potential to act accordingly.

To this end the organization:

  • unites students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to reflect on international issues;
  • provides students with the skills and knowledge required to deal effectively with global challenges;
  • creates a network of driven young people with vision.
Programs and Activities

United Netherlands is an organization that offers knowledge and skills based educational programs for young people throughout the world. Most of the activities take place on annual basis, while others are also available on request. Overall, United Netherlands is happy to cooperate and to see what we can do for you. The main activities include:

  1. The Delegation (course ‘United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy; Theory and Practice’)
  2. The Public Speaking Program
  3. Workshops
  4. The High School Program

This unique organization is able to offer its special programs due to the variety of academic backgrounds that it attracts and the synergy this creates. With these programs we provide young, ambitious students a platform to reflect on international affairs, seek solutions for complex global problems and stimulate them to reach their full potential.

The Delegation

Each year United Netherlands selects approximately 30 students from varying study backgrounds to form a delegation. The purpose is to learn about the United Nations and international diplomacy, to acquire essential skills to bring this knowledge in to practice, and to participate in two popular Model United Nations conferences, first at Oxford University (OxIMUN) and finally at Harvard University (HNMUN). Participants receive expert lectures on fields such as international relations, international law and international political economy. This knowledge on international affairs will be brought to practice in intensive trainings in debating, negotiation, lobbying and public speaking. These skills will be sharpened up during an intensive training week in New York just before the second large MUN in the track. The lessons learned will be expressed on stage during Model United Nations conferences at Oxford and Harvard.

The preparatory track is unique in its kind in the Netherlands. The quality of the program is equally guaranteed by the 10 EC accreditation from the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Spanning every background, from law, social sciences to physics and civil engineering, the diversity of the delegates ensures fresh, multidisciplinary perspectives. Over the years the course has proven to be a stepping stone for delegates to take on global issues effectively.


Public Speaking Programs (PSP)

The United Netherlands Public Speaking Program aims to provide motivated students and young professionals with the opportunity to develop their speaking skills in a safe but challenging group environment. Our program combines language skills with the tools to bring a message across to an audience. We train our participants in the art of Public Speaking through body language, use of voice, rhetoric, framing, argumentation and structure.

As all our programs are taught in English, they contribute to boosting your confidence in your English proficiency among friends, but also looking at your future career in the international labor market.




United Netherlands offers a wide range of workshops on request and for special occasions. These workshop are often focused on the fast-track of learning how to speak in public or how to develop your personal leadership skills. However, given the knowledge and experience that United Netherlands has in the field of international diplomacy and Model United Nations, everything within this field is possible to discuss. The workshops can be tailored to needs and wants of groups and individuals and are coordinated by the Director General of the Academy.

Next to skills-workshops, United Netherlands is happy to provide assistance with Model United Nations simulations or introductions to the field of international diplomacy & negotiation practices.


High School Program (HSP)

Through the High School Program, United Netherlands brings the experience and knowledge of her United Netherlands’ alumni to high school students. Over the course of three days, high school students are trained like diplomats in a program that is derived from United Netherlands’ preparatory track for the Harvard National Model United Nations conference. After these days, the high school students participate in a Model United Nations conference organized by United Netherlands on the university campus of the Radboud University.

During the program, the students will learn about international diplomacy and the United Nations, but they will also learn and improve various valuable skills such as public speaking, effective cooperation, stepping outside of their comfort zone and getting more English proficiency.

United Netherlands ensures the quality of the program by only using certified trainers that have enjoyed extensive training in the skills and knowledg that they will be teaching. Additionally, the trainers have participated in renowned MUN-conferences such as OxiMUN (Oxford University) and HNMUN (Harvard University). The program is designed to be fun and accessible, while making sure that it also challenges students and allows them to learn and develop themselves as global citizens.

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