Become a Board Member!

Do you fit the profile?

During a board year at United Netherlands, you build your resume, experience professional responsibility, learn to work in a team, develop a practical skillset and have a good time. So:

Are you eager to learn and help others develop?

Are you solution-oriented and have an eye for opportunities?

Are you a team-player who can commit time to the board & tasks?

Do we fit your ambitions?

You carry the responsibility for running three professional programs, having a direct impact on the learning curve of over 400 students!

You develop your personal and professional skills, with support from coaches, advisory board members and, ofcourse, your fellow board members.

You take a leading role managing change as United Netherlands is implementing a new structure.

What do we offer?

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of United Netherlands! As you will be the first person in your position, you set the tone and can use your creative, pro-active and entrepreneurial mindset to do so. Together with your fellow board members, you get real responsibility in the organization.

This is your chance to take a leading role in both this restructuring process as well as running the programs. You will thus take on a role that would have required you to have at least five years of working in the field if you were to work for a company!

What are we looking for?

United Netherlands aims to stimulate the development of the participants in its activities – but equally so the growth of its board members. In 2019-2020 there will be ample opportunity to make a real, lasting difference for the future of the organization.

Are you able to motivate people to learn? Do you have a keen eye for new opportunities? Are you able to manage different tasks at the same time? Let us know what you have to offer us; what you want United Netherlands to offer you; and together we will discuss which role and tasks fits you best!

Motivating each board member in a way that fits them, is something I really enjoy!

Emma van Gruijthuijsen, President 2018-2019

Would you like more information on the UNL Board?

Would you like more information about the United Netherlands Board? Find out more about the profiles we’re looking for, what a board year entails, and how the new board structure will look like in the Board Information Booklet!