Become a Board Member

Why join the Board?

In one year, you: build your resume; experience professional responsibility; learn to work in a team; develop a practical skillset; and have a good time. If you’re considering a board year, you probably already realized this, but what makes a board year at United Netherlands special?

  1. Professionalism: We strive for excellence in all our programs. In dealing with different stakeholders – (high school) students, universities and companies – you are challenged to establish your personal way of acting professional alongside your fellow board members.
  2. Small organization, big impact: We may offer programs across the Netherlands, we remain a small organization internally. Thus: you carry responsibility for the programs, you sit down with university, high school and company representatives, you have a direct impact on the learning curve of 200 high school students, 200 participants of the public speaking program and 30 student-delegates, while you are still a student yourself!
  3. Internationally oriented: We have an incredible network of driven young adults who study, work and live all across the globe; we have English as the language of instruction; we participate in internationally well-known Model UN conferences. All elements of immense value when applying later for a study program or an internship abroad.

What do we offer?

United Netherlands offers you the possibility of carrying the responsibilities that come with organizing large programs where you can fully expand your skills, experience, and creativity. We provide you with the opportunity to fulfill a position that would have required you to have at least five years of working experience in the field if you were to work for a company.

In order to stimulate and help you grow in your position, you will be accompanied by coaches, advisory board members, and your fellow board members. During the year, you will gather knowledge by receiving training sessions from coaches and professionals while bringing it into practice where your board members and with the support of your fellow board members. United Netherlands aims to stimulate the development of the participants in its activities – but equally so the growth of its board members.

While fulfilling a position at United Netherlands you will be compensated generously, allowing you to fully commit to a UNL board year in a financially feasible manner. There is a differentiation between full-time and part-time positions. United Netherlands offers full- and part-time positions. An individual fulfilling a full-time position receives a compensation of 500 euros per month and requires being in office 35 hours a week, while an individual fulfilling a part-time position receives a compensation of 250 euros per month and requires being in office 17,5 hours a week.

Browse the website to get an overview of the programs that United Netherlands currently organizes. That way, you may already get an idea of where you see yourself!

Who are we looking for?

United Netherlands aims to stimulate the development of the participants in its activities – but equally so the growth of its board members. Therefore, we work with a competences-based approach when selecting board members.

Are you able to motivate people to learn? Do you have a keen eye for new opportunities? Are you able to manage different tasks at the same time? Let us know what you have to offer us; what you want United Netherlands to offer you; and together we will discuss which function fits you best! Do you recognize one or more of the following talents in yourself?

  • A passion for contributing to the development of others through teaching and coaching;
  • A talent for developing new contacts with people and organizations;
  • The ability to organize complex logistical tasks in an efficient way;
  • Being able to think strategically on the long term, anticipating challenges and opportunities;
  • Ambition to design materials for communication and promotion purposes to expand a growing network;
  • Creative, independent thinking, being able to find and create new possibilities;
  • Any other capability that adds to this growing organization!

Commitment and Compensation Policy


  • The United Netherlands Board year runs from July 1, up to and including June 30 of the next year. Board members should expect to already make some office hours in June, especially those involved with the selection of the Delegation.
  • The commitment for the year is at least 35 hours per week for full-timers, and at least 17 hours per week for part-timers. Full-timers should expect to be at the office in Nijmegen 5 days a week, part-timers at least twice a week.
  • Summer holidays should not exceed 3 weeks, to enable successful handover and a joint kick-off of the year.
  • Full-timers are expected to live in, or move to Nijmegen before August 31. Part-timers can commute from other cities.
  • Every two months (total 5-7 times per year), board members will be expected to join a meeting (Bimonthly) on a Saturday-morning or -afternoon in Utrecht.
  • Key moments in the year where each board member is expected to be present: board transfer weekend (incoming and outgoing), board transfer reception (incoming and outgoing), coaching sessions by AB or externals, bimonthlies (5-7 times a year on a Saturday), UNMD First Delegate Meeting, Oxford Trip, USA Trip, UNMD Graduation, HSPMUN.

Compensation Policy

UNL board members are compensated with €500* for a full-time commitment and €250 for a part-time commitment. For part-timers living outside of Nijmegen without a Student OV Card, UNL covers the discounted rate from the Dal Voordeel ” subscription. Flights, hotel and transfers to, in and from the UK and US are covered by United Netherlands. Other costs on these trips are at your own expense. Board transfer weekend costs are also covered by United Netherlands.

[*Amount assumes you can make use of “loonheffingskorting” (for which you need to earn below the income threshold for this in both calendar years you are with the UNL board). In addition, as Radboud University’s “Student Life” processes payments, note that the amount may slightly fluctuate month on month (± €10) as payment is based on a fixed hourly tariff multiplied by a set # hours to be ‘time-written’, subject to employer’s tax.]


Please visit application procedure and board positions on our website for more detailed information.