United Netherlands Board 2018-2019

Executive Board

Emma van Gruijthuijsen


Emma van Gruijthuijsen is the President of United Netherlands. She got in touch with UNL two years ago, when she joined the 14th Delegation and completed the UNMD program. Since then, she has trained the Public Speaking Program and High School Program. As she has immensely enjoyed all UNL activities she participated in, she decided to dedicate a year to running United Netherlands after her bachelor in International Business Administration. Her responsibilities within the board include external relations, the functioning of the board and enabling the secretariats to organize their programs.

Evy Beekers

Vice-President and Secretary

Evy will represent United Netherlands as the Vice-President and Secretary. She got involved with United Netherlands in 2016 as a participant of the Public Speaking Program, which consequently inspired her to become a delegate in the Delegation of 2017-2018. She has finished a bachelor in International Communication and a master in International Relations, and she hopes to gain practical experience during this board year. Her responsibilities include the promotion of United Netherlands as well as supporting the secretariats with ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Roben Kloosterman


Roben will be the treasurer of United Netherlands in the coming academic year. He has a background in both Political Science and Economics and this year he is going to combine his position as treasurer with a second master in International Economics. Roben has been involved with United Netherlands for quite some time and has fulfilled several positions but his position as treasurer is going to be the most challenging. His goal for this year is to ensure sound and sustainable finances to guarantee a long-term future for United Netherlands.

Junior Board of Studies

Liz Hendriks

Head Delegate

Liz Hendriks will uphold and ascend United Netherlands to even greater heights by striving for excellence, together with her fellow board members. She recently graduated from University College in Tilburg, where she majored in Business and Management. Two years ago, she was a member of the 14th Delegation, which she considers more enriching and fun than she ever could have imagined. During the upcoming year, she will be Head Delegate at United Netherlands, which entails developing the UNMD and training the Delegation for the MUN conferences at Oxford and Harvard University.

Ruud Walvius

Head Delegate

Ruud Walvius will be a member of the Junior Board of Studies as Head Delegate. He is currently studying Political Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and was part of the 15th delegation of United Netherlands, which he found a truly inspiring experience. Together with Liz Hendriks, he will be responsible for the trainings and teaching the Delegation the ins and outs of public speaking, negotiating and lobbying. Their goal is to train the Delegation in order to thrive at the MUN conferences organized by Oxford and Harvard University.


Rikki Vuong

Director General of the Public Speaking Program

Rikki joins the UNL board as the Director General of the Public Speaking Program. She was a member of the 15th Delegation, has taught both the High School Program and Public Speaking Program, and now she has taken on the challenge of organizing the Public Speaking Program (PSP) throughout the Netherlands. She is currently pursuing a degree at University College Utrecht and a Law degree at Utrecht University. She will be responsible for coordinating the PSP, as well as organizing tailored workshops to external parties. Her goal is to lead the Academy to another impactful year.

Lars König

Director General of the High School Program

Lars finished his bachelor degree at University College Tilburg, with a major in Social Sciences and he is currently doing the pre-master in Political Sciences at Radboud University. He was a member of the 15th delegation of UNL, and has overcome the challenges of competing in OxIMUN and HNMUN. He will be this year’s Director General of the High School Program for which he will put his utmost effort into further developing the HSP curriculum, as well as inspiring those who participate in this year’s HSP program.