Board Positions

Core Roles

In the new board structure, each person will execute one Core Role and one or multiple Flexible Tasks. In your application, please write which Core Role and which Flexible Tasks have your preference. We will discuss this in the interview.


You oversee and lead the board. Enthusiastic as you are, you motivate and inspire your team. Externally you are the face of UNL, while internally you ensure that all board members perform to the best of their abilities. In the beginning of the year, you are in charge of developing the annual plan together with your team. You ensure quality and continuity of the organization. *Speaking Dutch to a sufficient extent is necessary for this function.

Core Qualities: Goal-oriented, Empathic and Decisive

Core Tasks: Team Management; Point of Contact Radboud University; Reporting to Supervisory and Advisory Board of United Netherlands

Financial Manager

You carry responsibility for the financial health of UNL; you can provide an overview of finances instant, sit down with Radboud University to discuss funding, and take care of participation fees and large expenses of our programs. You get the authority to make large decisions and run the accounting system of an entire organization. At the start of the year, you establish the budget and throughout the year it is your job to guard this budget.  

Core Qualities: Detail-oriented, Conscientious, Ability to say no

Core Tasks: Budget-Related Decisions; Accounting; Financial Overview of the Organization

Commercial Manager

Your creativity and innovative mindset guide your search for new ways to improve our acquisition and promote our programs. You feel comfortable reaching out to potential partners, writing persuasive texts and you are willing to (learn to) design promotional material (e.g. videos, social media posts and posters). At first, you develop an acquisition plan and ensure UNL’s visibility at university introduction weeks. Later on in the year, you manage the online presence of UNL and the offline relationships with professional partners. 

Core Qualities: Commercial, Creative and Innovative

Core Tasks: Acquisition; Promotion and Social Media; Organizing Workshops

Relations Manager

You are a social butterfly, engaging everyone with United Netherlands! From alumni and former PSP participants to trainers and new student organizations; you get everyone excited to become involved with the organization and remain active within UNL. You easily connect with people, use clear communication and inspire activation at the start of the board year. Throughout the year, you are responsible for our trainer pool; this mainly entails arranging trainers for our three programs. *Being a former delegate is highly preferable for this function.

Core Qualities: Organized, Accessible, Communicative

Core Tasks: Involving aMUNli and Current Participants with UNL; Attract and Retain Trainers; Uphold and Establish Relations with Student Organizations

Academic Manager

You get energy from writing study guides, designing trainings and developing rewarding programs. You review the current content while also arranging interesting guest speakers. You are in contact with the Senior Board of studies. At the start of the year, you will schedule the content of The Delegation and the Public Speaking Program, while later on you devote more time to improving the High School Program. *Being a former delegate is highly preferable for this function.

Core Qualities: Analytical, Self-starter, Investigative

Core Tasks: Content of Programs, including Guest Speakers; Communication with the Senior Board of Studies; Developing and Grading Exams and Papers of the Delegation

Event Manager

UNL has a lot of large events, and you are the mastermind behind the logistics! From the Delegation events starting in September to the High School Conference in May: you are in charge! You like to get things done, plan ahead and ensure everything runs smoothly. At first, you focus on the Delegation by organizing the institutional visits and UK and USA trip. After Harvard, you take the lead in organizing Graduation, the High School Conference and board transfer events.

Core Qualities: Organized, Punctual, Hands-on mentality

Core Tasks: Organizing UNL Events in the Netherlands; Organizing Trips Abroad for the Delegation; Organizing the HSP Conference

Would you like more information on the Flexible Tasks?

Find out more about the flexible tasks in the Board Information Booklet! Read the task descriptions and how to supplement your core position with your preferred flexible tasks.