Board Restructure 2019

Starting board year 2019-2020, United Netherlands will implement a new structure. United Netherlands started with only the Delegation, and over time grew by adding new programs. With that, the board structure organically grew to reflect these additions, with most board members carrying responsibility for a single program. We believe shared responsibility for all programs leads to a better team experience and to a more successful organization.

Over the last year, the structure has been carefully developed by the current United Netherlands board as well as the Advisory and Supervisory Boards (9 United Netherlands alumni with up to 6 years professional working experience). The new structure enables board members to be involved in all programs while developing expertise in and bearing responsibility for specific deliverables. Every board member has a general knowledge of the current activities of the organization, while being a specialist in their own field. Aside from the core tasks per function, board members have the freedom, agency, and opportunity to shape their role with additional flexible tasks.

As a lot of good structures in the programs are already in place and will remain in place, this freedom is attainable: the board does not have to re-invent the wheel. While restructuring internally, our drive for excellence has not changed. We expect that with the new structure we can keep running high-quality programs and at the same time reflect critically on how we can innovate and grow more as an organization. We are thus proud to introduce a change in the board structure of United Netherlands!

Detailed information regarding the new structure will be available as of April. We then start with the official board recruitment as we are ready to look for an enthusiastic new board to take on this project and make it their own. The United Netherlands board of 2019-2020 will be the very first board to implement this new structure…
We cannot wait! If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach out to us via