The High School Program

Do you think it is important that your students…

    • … can speak publicly?
    • … are familiar with several negotiation techniques?
    • … learn about the United Nations and the world of international diplomacy?
    • … improve their English?
    • … develop academic skills?
    • … enhance their interpersonal skills?
    • … experience in-depth personal development?
    • … get out of their comfort zones?
    • … have a lot of fun doing all of the above?

Consider offering them the chance to participate in the High School Program; a diverse program that combines skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

United Netherlands is a foundation that aims to create a platform in which talented and motivated young people challenge themselves and each other to develop their perspective on social responsibility and their full potential to act accordingly. The High School Program is one of the ways that we bring young people together and invest in a generation of future leaders.  

The program consists of three training days at your school and a conference that will take place at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. The training days will consist of one part knowledge and one part skills.

The knowledge is transferred to the students in a format that fits their needs and interests. It is centered around the United Nations and will be focused on the institution itself, International Relations, Economics and Law. Through subject-specific lectures they gain knowledge on contemporary global issues.

The second part of the training days consist of intensive trainings on interpersonal skills and personal development during which the students learn about and practice with negotiation, public speaking and giving (and receiving!) feedback.

Your students will be able to combine their newly acquired skills and knowledge during the Model United Nations conference in Nijmegen. In this United Nations simulation, students will represent a country in a debate about actual United Nations topics and will work towards a final resolution.

All United Netherlands activities are in English as to ensure that the students can practice using this universal language in a professional setting and have fun while doing so. 

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