The High School Program Evening Course

The Evening Course is a program set up in 2016, which accommodates for high school students enthusiastic about international relations, public speaking, and MUN’s, though don’t have the chance to participate in the United Netherlands High School Program. The students are given a crash-course in MUN by experienced MUN trainers.

The course is offered in Nijmegen and takes place at the Radboud University. It consists three trainings of three hours in the evening, during which theory will be combined with practice. In the course students are taught practical skills like public speaking, argumentation, and negotiation, as well as theory in international relations, international law and the United Nations. Apart from being relevant during a MUN, these skills are crucial for students in their future studies and careers.

The participating students, as a group, participate in the annual High School Program Conference on the 19th of May 2017. At this conference, the students demonstrate the skills they have learned among participating high school students from all over the Netherlands.