United Netherlands participates in two of the biggest UN Simulations in the world. Since United Netherlands was established 12 years ago, every year we have sent a delegation of about 30 students to UN-simulations in Oxford (OxIMUN) and Harvard (HNMUN).  The students go through an extensive selection procedure, after which they are trained for 6 months in all relevant skills and knowledge, such as negotiation, rhetoric and argumentation.They also enjoy lectures given by people from all over the world about international diplomacy and relations and they take part in specific MUN trainings.

These delegations of United Netherlands have won many awards on HNMUN in our history:  ‘Best International Delegation‘, ‘Best International Delegation’ & ‘Best Large Delegation‘, and ‘Outstanding Delegation‘.  Each year, many individual awards are won by separate delegates such as ‘Beste Delegate’. 

United Netherlands is very proud of these achievements, but does not lose sight of the mission we have stated. To bring young people together and to challenge them, we aim to share our experiences and help others to make their voices heard. The High School Program is one of the activities in which we realize our goal. The program brings experienced students from our delegations in contact with your students; as they will be their trainers in their journey towards their own MUN-experience.

United Netherlands stands for quality in their programs and their products. Our board and trainers are young, ambitious and professional students that are involved with our programs such as the High School Program. Our trainers will make sure the program is fun and accessible, without taking the challenge out. Our experience over the last 6 years has been that the enthusiasm of the trainers is contagious and that students and trainers find the High School Program challenging, fun and a valuable experience.