Board positions are now open!

Board positions are now open!

  • Are you an ambitious student, who enjoys learning new skills and knowledge beyond your standard curriculum?
  • Are you a critical thinker, someone who can perform independently and work as a teamplayer?
  • Are you someone who attaches great value to your ideals, and at the same time loves to get a lot done?


Apply for a board position at United Netherlands!

United Netherlands aims to stimulate the development of the participants in her activities – but equally so the growth of her board members. Therefore, we work with a competences-based approach to filling board positions.

Are you able to motivate people to learn? Do you have a keen eye for new opportunities? Are you able to manage a thousand-and-one tasks at the same time? Let us know what you have to offer us; what you want United Netherlands to offer you; and together we will discuss which function you fit best!

For more information, please refer to the board application page. Deadline for board applications is April 30th, 2013.