First Delegate Meeting 2018-2019

Last Friday the First Delegate Meeting of 2018-2019 took place!

Together with the 16th Delegation, we were at Soeterbeeck, Ravenstein to officially start the course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory & Practice.
The brand new delegates were introduced to the UNMD program and each other via several speeches and introduction activities. Moreover, they were welcomed by the Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University, Prof. Dr. Van Krieken, who spoke about the importance and difficulties of internationalization in universities. After lunch and, of course, the annual Delegation photoshoot, Caecilia van Peski gave an inspiring lecture on the OSCE. Her lecture and presence during the rest of the afternoon were once again very much appreciated. The First Delegate Meeting ended in style with a dinner and drinks together with our aMUNli.

Thank you for all those who took part in making this First Delegate Meeting a very successful one! We are looking forward to an amazing six months with this Delegation and can’t wait to start with our usual Friday sessions later this week.