First Delegate Meeting

The First Delegate Meeting is the first time we introduce our new students to the program, trainers, and alumni. Our new ‘delegates’ will participate in the program: United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (UNMD) this year.



‘What a nice building! I wonder what today will be like.’ ‘Do you think we have to do a MUN already?’ ‘Hey, I saw you at selection, I knew you would make it!’ As our brand new delegates are coming into the hall of Soeterbeeck Conference Centre, the excitement becomes clear. Conversations about the past selection, the current atmosphere, and the upcoming year fill the room. Then everybody goes quit, it’s time to start the First Delegate Meeting 2016: Welcome to United Netherlands!


The day started off with encouraging words from the President and the Junior Board of Studies, the trainers of the delegates. The Junior Board of Studies will teach the new delegates everything there is to know about public speaking, negotiations, and Model United Nations. Next to this, these trainers will support the delegates during the intense time in Oxford, New York, and Harvard. Of course, they expect something in return for the hard work they will put into the program. That’s why they gave the delegates one piece of advice: "if we say good luck, we mean work hard."


To show the delegates that our program is more than solely an intense training program with ambitious trainers, Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University, Han van Krieken, and Caecilia van Peski of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) also addressed the delegates. These inspiring speakers represent the part of the program that focusses on education. Every friday morning the delegates will get a lecture in international relations, international law, diplomacy and much more from experts in these fields. The Rector Magnificus introduced the Radboud University who supports the delegation. Afterwards, Caecilia van Peski gave an interesting lecture in the more practical aspect of diplomacy: working for the OSCE. Caecilia gave the delegates insight in working in Ukraine during times of conflict. ‘Succesfull negotiation means getting the best possible outcome for yourself and for your opponent’ was the message she gave. Afterwards, the delegates entered in a negotiation to find out how difficult negotiation is for themselves.

Afterwards our delegates were excited to start the new year with one thing in mind: "if we say good luck, we mean work hard."