High School Program


The High School Program year 16/17 has officially ended. We can once again look back at a fantastic year.

Our 9th annual High School Program Conference welcomed more students than ever. Almost 200 students from 7 different schools joined us in our Model United Nations. They spoke passionately and confidently about subjects ranging from the Responsibility to Protect in Burundi to Climate Refugees. All the chairs were genuinely impressed by the level of the delegates in the debate.

Congratulations to all winners, especially Dominicus College and CS Vincent van Gogh. Dominicus College took home the award for ‘Best Delegation’ for the third time in a row. CS Vincent van Gogh was not far behind, and won Outstanding Delegation, with 12 students winning awards.

But, of course, it really isn’t all about awards! You each have your own paths to follow, and goals to achieve. Thank you all for participating in the High School Program, you have made your trainers and everyone who worked towards the HSP extremely proud!

Now, it’s time to pass over the High School Program to Luuk Mevis, who will continue this fantastic program next year. He was a delegate in the 16/17 United Netherlands Delegation, continued training at 2 College Durendael, and chaired at the HSP Conference 2017. We are confident he will do an amazing job!