United NL – Part 1 #Introducing Dylan

In this serial we will find out what it is like to study at United Netherlands: The Delegation, a by the Radboud University accredited and hosted course of 10 ECT.

Dylan Waisman (20) is one of the thirty students of the United Netherlands Delegation. During six months she will learn how to speak in public, how to be convincing, how to negotiate and how to show leadership and tact. All these skills she will need to ‘play’ a United Nations Conference at Oxford and Harvard. There she and the other United Netherlands-students will represent a country in a re-enacted UN-conference (a MUN: model United Nations) and try to solve a worldwide issue concurrently holding the values and needs of ‘her own’ country.

Dylan Waisman


Dylan is Canadian. She does a one year European Law Master’s, specializing in Human Rights and Migration at the Faculty of Law in Nijmegen. A few months ago she applied for United Netherlands. Why? Dylan: ‘This subject directly relates to my ambitions: working in international diplomacy and even with the United Nations. The application is ambitious already: in two rounds and with a letter of motivation and an interview you will have to convince the board that you are an asset for the organisation. I was so thrilled to hear that I was selected for this course. At a certain point you have to wait for a phonecall to hear whether you’re in or not. Just like in high school with your finals.

‘And of course the opportunity to travel to Oxford and New York/Harvard to compete against university students from across the world on issues of diplomacy and politics was an incredibly appealing challenge that motivated my application.

Character Building

‘United Netherlands fills in the gaps that I experience in my study, because it goes beyond theory with the focus on public speaking and the practice of international relations. But it does much more than that. More than I expected. United Netherlands is also about character building. I have never really focused on self-improvement in a structured setting, as it hasn’t been a part of my academic world.

‘Being supported and held accountable has been a confronting, but incredibly valuable experience in terms of working towards strengthening my assets, and improving weaknesses I wasn’t even aware I had.

Viola Treffers, Vice-President and Secretary of United Netherlands, and last year a delegate herself: ‘We create a safe environment for the students where they can talk and learn about themselves. We feel that if you really want to achieve your goals in life, you should be able to relate the things you learn and the things you do and want, to your personality. It will help you reach your goals in life.’ Dylan: ‘At first it felt strange to share my thoughts about personal strengths and weaknesses with the other students, but later on it felt comfortable.’


Next time in UnitedNL: Dylan and Pim at their first re-enactment!

Article by Radboud University