Public Speaking Program

Picture of Public Speaking Program 2016

United Netherlands Public Speaking Program

With the Public Speaking Program, United Netherlands offers her internationally awarded public speaking experience to motivated students and young professionals who are interested in international affairs, social responsibility and business.

What is the Public Speaking Program?

In the course of five training sessions you will be provided with a solid basis in the art of public speaking in the English language. During these trainings, you will get acquainted with a variety of public speaking styles, learn the theory behind effective public speaking and increase your performance as a public speaker in challenging exercises.

Each training will focus on a different area of public speaking and combine theory and practice to improve the participant’s skills at every level. The sessions focus on area’s such as body language, use of voice, speech writing and framing while practicing styles as speaking, presenting, debating and conferencing. By focusing on independent goals of participants and using the challenging atmosphere of the group, participants of all levels are able to increase their performance.

Next to in-class trainings, participants will also receive small homework assignments, such as preparing a short speech in advance. Upon successfully completing the course, you will get an official United Netherlands Public Speaking Program Certificate!

Why the Public Speaking Program?

Convincing your public, making your opinion be heard – telling your story: in your studies and later career, communication skills are a vital asset. Learning to speak in public gives you the power to carry your message to any audience!

United Netherlands aims to provide motivated students and young professionals with the opportunity to develop themselves in a safe but challenging group environment. Our programs combine language skills, development of your own perspective on global issues and practical new skills. As all our programs are taught in English, they contribute to making you feel more comfortable on the ever globalizing labor market too!

Who are we looking for?

The Public Speaking Program is open to young people who:

  • are eager to challenge themselves
  • are motivated to experience personal and professional growth;
  • master the English language to a sufficient extent.

The Public speaking program allowed me to develop my public speaking skills. I now have the techniques and confidence to stand in front of a crowd and give a speech. The program taught me to speak in diplomatic way as well as how to tell my story. I definitely learned a lot and had lots of fun.

Naomi Abigail

Amsterdam Program

What I liked most about the program was the combinations of technical exercise and the actual speeches we had to give. The program gives you the opportunity to practice speaking in front of an audience, and the tools to become better at it.

Tara Kenkhuis

Amsterdam Program

I believe that I certainly improved my public speaking skills during the programme. That is to say that the programme has helped me to be less nervous during public speaking, to be able to improvise better, and to pay attention to different important aspects when speaking publicly such as my posture, my mimics and gestures, and especially my speed of talking. It has also made me more aware of the importance of structure in speeches and of different useful rhetorical devices.

Eva Ritte

Groningen Program