Former Delegations

Below you will find all former delegations in their traditional beginning-of-the-year pictures.

Delegations 2019|2020

Aaron SpoorRadboud UniversityPublic Administration
Alice VosUniversity of GroningenMedicine
Alycia ColijnErasmus University RotterdamEconomics and Law
Antonia VegtTilburg UniversityLaw and Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dennis LangelaanEindhoven University of TechnologyApplied Physics
Fatbardha SelmaniRadboud UniversityLaw
Gwendolyn LindersRadboud UniversityLaw and Political Sciences
Jealy van der AkerEindhoven University of TechnologyApplied Mathematics
Jeltje van der HaerErasmus University Rotterdam Philosophy
Job SlagtErasmus University RotterdamEconomics and Tax Law
Maia de QuayLeiden UniversityLaw
Martha JordaanMaastricht UniversityPsychology
Martijn PoelmanRadboudPolitical Science
Matthijs de HaanRadboud UniversityInternational Economics and Business
Max MutsaersMaastricht UniversityEuropean Studies
Miruna DinuMaastricht UniversityEuropean Law
Natasha GodsiffUtrecht UniversityLaw
Nne Amakar OguejioforTilburg UniversityGlobal Law
Quinta van KelleRadboud UniversityPolitical Science
Renee WooningsUniversity of GroningenInternational Relations and International Organization
Sem van MaanenRadboud UniversityPolitical Science
Talea GrootenhuisMaastricht UniversityEuropean Studies
Tijmen SeverensMaastricht UniversityLiberal Arts and Sciences
Tim van DoorneErasmus University RotterdamEconomics & Business Economics and Philosophy
Valentina del CastanoLeiden UniversityInternational Relations
Vera LinkeRadboud UniversityPolitical Science
Wytske de VriesLeiden UniversityPsychology

Delegation 2018|2019

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