Delegation 2008-2009

The United Netherlands Delegation of 2008-2009 represented the United States of America at the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) 2009. They were the first non-North American delegation in the history of the conference to be given this honor. The delegation won the ‘Best International Delegation’ Award and 18 individual awards.













Name University Studies
Ece Ayda Aygün UCU Int. Law and Relations
Maartje Brans UU Public Administration
David Eekhof UCU Political Science
Frank Hemmes RU Physics and Astronomy
Robert Hillen TU Delft Mechanical Engineering
Alma Ibrahimovic UvA Political Science
Amanda Klemann UCM Int. law and politics
Philipp Köther EUR Int. Business Administration
Wouter Kruithof UvA Religion, History, Int. Relations
Natasja Massink RUG Int. Economics and Business
Annemarie Mastenbroek RU Human Geography
Joël Meggelaars RU Int. & European Law
Djeyhoun Ostowar RA Int. Law and Relations
Marijn Otte UU Economics
Angela Pilath UM European Studies
Brechtje Riphagen UT Biomedical Engineering
Jeppe Schilder RU Conflict Studies
Wouter Schröer RU Political Science
Ernst-Jan Sillem UvT Int. Economics and Finance
Dianne Slot UU Arabic Languages and Cultures
Christin Tonne UM European Studies
Maarten van der Goot RU Int. European law and Dutch law
Martine van der Lee RA Political Science and Anthropology
Marijn de Vries UU Science and Innovation Management
Sven Zeijen RA Int. politics, Int. law, History
Laurens Miserus UU Public International Law
Omid Majidpour VU Int. Business Administration
Alexis Robertson RU Int. and European Law
Sjoerd ten Wolde RU Political Science