Wafa Al Ali
Delegation 2010|2011

When I first heard about United Netherlands, I was still in high school. I immediately knew this was something I wanted to become part of, although I had never participated in MUN simulations. Its international dimension, the debating and being part of a delegation attracted my attention.

A few years later I got selected for the delegation, and I knew this would be a unique experience. Though in hindsight, it is impossible to truly assess its uniqueness and multiplex value as an outsider. Being part of the delegation has offered me priceless lessons and insights. Not only was I able to learn and improve valuable communication skills, I also got an introduction in problem-solving. Indeed, the latter is not exclusive to international issues (which a delegate ought to ‘resolve’), but I found that it is also applicable to personal and work related challenges. I still apply some principles in day-to-day life.

United Netherlands delegations are always a mix of students from various study and cultural backgrounds. You will build incredible friendships with persons you would never have encountered in your student life which in all honesty takes place in a bubble (I speak for myself). I made lifelong friendships and regularly talk to and meet up with some of my fellow delegates, but I prefer to call them my friends now! The overall United Netherlands alumni (we call ourselves aMUNli, ha-ha) network will prove significant to your career, so when your delegation year comes to an end you can take part in aMUNli activities and meet more interesting people with incredible careers and ambitions.

Whenever I meet new delegates I always… really always exclaim that I would definitely sign up again if I had the chance! So what’s keeping you from applying for the best year of your student career?